(Trap, Neuter, Release)

Managing Feral and Stray Cats

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter, and Release. This is a humane method of reducing outdoor cat populations by capturing them, providing spay/neuter services (as well as a rabies vaccine) and then returning them to their environment. Since the cats are now unable to reproduce, the population of the colony (group of cats who live together) has potential to decline in size over a period of time.


Spaying and neutering outdoor cats is so helpful to the community as it eliminates feline mating behaviors (such as spraying and fighting), reduces/stabilizes the cat population as a whole and improves the health of wild cats. We get so many feral cats in the shelter that are causing issues in surrounding neighborhoods and these issues would cease to exist if people are more informed about TNR programs.

All of our partner vets will perform surgeries for friendly, stray cats. There are a few vets in the area that will offer low cost surgeries for feral cats (cats that are unable to safely handle due wild temperament, untamed, unsocialized or scared):


Parkway Animal Hospital 

North Gay Veterinary Clinic 

Animal Care Clinic (Dadeville) 

Lanett Animal Hospital

Auburn Veterinary Hospital


**You must call before coming in to schedule a surgery appointment. The cat must also be in a humane trap or they will be unable to take it in**

Unfortunately, Lee County does not have an official TNR Program in place. However, we do offer low-cost spay/neuter programs that you can apply for in order to get those cats fixed. (You can see how to qualify for those programs here.)


*Please be aware that in order to get community cats fixed, they must be in a humane trap and taken to one of our veterinary partners (listed below) that will perform the surgery.*


Auburn, AL | | 334-821-3222

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