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Outdoor Cat Program

A win-win for both our non-traditional cats and adopters!

Sometimes, Lee County Humane Society receives stray cats that are poorly socialized or feral and we then have to consider non-traditional adoption placements for them. Our Outdoor Cat Program is designed to aid in finding placements for a specific population of cats--those who don't feel comfortable in a traditional home setting, but would be perfectly happy as "working cats" to homeowners, landowners and businesses who have a need for pest control. Rather than making tough decisions on these pets, we want to give them every chance possible to live their lives happily. We recognize that they deserve shelter, access to food and water and the stimulation of critter hunting that an outdoor placement provides. 


How does it work?

All of our outdoor cat candidates are fixed, vaccinated against rabies, microchipped, and FeLV/FIV tested. They are adopted out to families and individuals who appreciate working cats for critter patrol and can provide a safe, appropriate environment such as a barn, stable, garage or warehouse for the cat to stay in should weather get bad. This way, these cats can enjoy safe outdoor homes with shelter and a caregiver and adopters can enjoy having healthy, sterilized cats happily tend to their mouse, snake or vermin troubles. If you are interested, please apply at the link above and email to let our staff know you are interested in our Outdoor Cat Program. For more information about the program, check out the Frequently Asked Questions below!

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